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Understanding Defense in Depth

Increasing your cybersecurity protection and decreasing your risk against attack can be a daunting task to undertake. Where do you even start? Take a look at our guide below for some helpful tips on where to begin your cybersecurity journey!

Who’s Your Backup?

A recent profile in The New Yorker on the president of the New York City Transit Authority highlighted an all-too-common anecdote; that apparently, there exists one employee who has the ability to fix MetroCard Vending Machines when they break. At … Read More

Impulse Wins Softshell Bronze Vendor Award

  Impulse is pleased to receive the Bronze Vendor Award from Softshell for its ongoing success in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland cybersecurity market – an award that denotes our commitment to streamlined operations and planned expansion in the region. Each year, Softshell works tirelessly … Read More

New Security Compliance Functionality from SafeConnect Lowers Breach Risks

While many tools exist, and policies put in place to limit risk from the endpoint, visibility into effectiveness of these tools is limited. With SafeConnect’s new security compliance functionality, an organization has complete knowledge on the status of each endpoint’s … Read More

The World Cup and Zero Trust

There are many different perspectives on how to best implement security policies.  We recently came across a more unique perspective in this article from Forbes, “The Ways the World Cup, Leg Day and Zero Trust Can Teach Us Lessons”.   There … Read More

The Alert Fatigue Conundrum

A recent survey of IT professionals done by Imperva showed that at least 27% of those surveyed indicated they receive a million or more “security alerts” per day. The largest percentage surveyed, while not receiving anything close to that, still receive … Read More

Impulse Profiled as Top Player in NAC Industry

Driven by a need for more granularity and security on networks worldwide, the Network Access Control (NAC) industry is forecasted to grow exponentially, according to analysts. Impulse is proud to be considered a leading vendor in this market, helping customers … Read More

Cyberthreats at School Podcast

Last year, we published a link to a K-12 Cyber Incident Map that highlighted all the publicly-reported Cyber Attacks on public schools since 2016. It’s a great map that showcases just how vulnerable schools can be to cyberthreats, even when … Read More

Q1 Healthcare Data Breaches Expose 1.13 Million Records

In the first quarter of 2018, a staggering 1.13 million patient records were compromised in 110 data breaches across the healthcare industry. The largest of these breaches? Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences’ network that houses data for close to … Read More

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