It’s time to rethink the way organizations allow access to their valuable data and application services.

Legacy VPN Replacement

Less expensive than VPN or NGFW remote access alternatives; no throughput degradation due to VPN encryption; lightweight client requires no end user configuration; greater security based on application-session only (least-privileged) zero-trust access model

Application Security

Make your applications invisible, rendering them undetectable and inaccessible to outsiders; enhance your application and data access security for internal wired and wireless-based network perimeter devices; addresses regulatory compliance for a wide variety of industries

Borderless Data Protection

Protect your data with mutual TLS VPN encryption as it leaves your perimeter and as its accessed from devices connecting outside of the network perimeter (i.e. Public Wi-Fi and Mobile 4G-5G); protects against credential theft, connection hijacking and data loss

SafeConnect SDP Benefits

Easy to Install

No additional hardware or network integration required; seamlessly operates with existing network access control offerings

Address Regulatory Compliance


Adheres to Zero-Trust/Least Privileged Model

Verify first-connect second access to private and public cloud applications

Customer-Provisioned Cloud Offering

Rapid deployment and maintenance-free 24/7 support

Superior VPN Alternative

Least privileged per-session application access and higher performance Mutual TLS network encryption, while delivering a better user experience

SaaS Annual Subscription Model

Cost effective and predictable; Term commitment discounts

Extend Control Beyond Your Perimeter

Prevent data loss from devices accessing public or private cloud application and data resources from outside of your network perimeter

Decreases Network Attack Surface

Hide your applications from the Internet and corporate networks to address DDoS attacks, credential theft, connection hijacking and data loss

Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP)

The Challenge

The Internet is a marvelous achievement. Its ability to share information instantaneously across the globe has fundamentally transformed businesses and enhanced our quality of life. Ironically, it is that same openness and collaborative nature of the Internet that now represents its most challenging impediment to continued growth and sustainability – Security.

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