A SafeConnect Network Is A Secure Network.

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There are common misconceptions on best practices for network security. You may often think your network is secure, when in reality, it is more than exploitable. How do you think you fare? You can find out soon with our free ebook.

Announcing SafeConnect Editions

Tailored Network Access Control


SafeConnect’s Essentials Edition is self deploy-able and designed to meet the security requirements for RADIUS functionality. Additionally it provides both a real time and historic visibility into all of the devices on your network.                                                                                                   


SafeConnect’s Standard Edition provides all the security functionality of Essentials plus additional capabilities with an End-User Captive Portal, Guest Self-Registration, and Posture Assessment.                                                                                                               


SafeConnect’s Enterprise Edition provides the complete feature set for all Enterprise needs. This edition includes the functionality from Essentials and Standard, in addition to SAML authentication, Threat Enforcement, and supports 10,000 or more devices.

Cloud hosted, wizard-based administration. Easy to install client app.

Zero-trust approach to remote access. More secure than legacy VPNs.

Consistent approach for users to access applications securely on-premise or remote.

Secure Networking Offers A Positive ROI

$ 1 m

Large Scale Breach Cost

The total average cost of a breach involving more than 50,000 compromised records is $6.9 million.

1 s

Cybersecurity Attack

A cybersecurity attack happens every 39 seconds.

1 %

Vulnerabilities Exploited

99% of the vulnerabilities exploited by the end of 2020 are known vulnerabilities.

Why SafeConnect?

Real-Time Security Assessment

Real-time security assessment and enforcement for Windows, macOS, and mobile devices.

Superior User Experience

Fast onboarding, accurate identification and authentication persistence means fewer help desk calls and improved customer satisfaction.

Flexible Enforcement Options

Our standard RADIUS-Based enforcement requires no VLAN changes, and our unique Layer 3 option negates 802.1X requirements.

Remote-Managed Support

SafeConnect installs remotely, eliminating the need for costly on-site consulting integration services. Proactive monitoring and cloud-managed updates reduce TCO and IT resource requirements.

Vendor Independent

With no proprietary network devices or RADIUS server requirements, SafeConnect works with a broad range of network infrastructure manufacturers.

SDP Benefits

SafeConnect SDP is an easy to install superior VPN alternative that adheres to the Zero Trust/least privileged model of access to extend your control over your data beyond the perimeter of your network.

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