The Alert Fatigue Conundrum

A recent survey of IT professionals done by Imperva showed that at least 27% of those surveyed indicated they receive a million or more “security alerts” per day. The largest percentage surveyed, while not receiving anything close to that, still receive upwards of 10,000 alerts daily.

Sorting through this sheer volume of alerts to see what’s valid and what’s just “noise” isn’t just daunting – it’s impossible. Which is why it’s not surprising that 30% of these respondents indicated that certain alerts are just outright ignored. 

Of course, you can tune your reporting utilities’ policies to hopefully decrease the volume of alerts it gives, but then what are you missing each day?

Collecting and responding to information from diverse security tools can cost some organizations over 4 hours each day! By integrating SafeConnect with NGFWs,  SIEMs, IDS/IPS or other security utilities, you won’t have to worry about taking action on a device, since it’s already being done for you – automatically – based on the policies you create.

Automated orchestration is just one of the reasons so many customers choose SafeConnect to not only provide them visibility into their network connections, but to help make sense of the “noise” and to reduce their security team burnout.

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