Visibility and Control

We totally understand. Sometimes it feels like you’re playing all the instruments as once. With a real-time view into who and what is in your network you’re better able to orchestrate all the parts.

SafeConnect delivers on our promise of NAC solution with little or no intervention through automated remediation services, “no hands” system updates, and true-real time system reporting – providing you with the real-time visibility and control you want.

Centrally Deployed and Managed Solution

See network usage and manage policies for your entire network from a central location. Whether it’s across the street, across the district, or on the other side of the region you can administer updates without having to travel. This makes you and your network more efficient.

Real-time Visibility

Know immediately if users in certain roles or locations are having difficulties…and why. Or if someone introduces malicious software into your network. Build, edit and deploy policies on-demand. Since SafeConnect operates in real-time, these policies are immediately applied to every user without forcing re-authentication.

Help Desk Operations

SafeConnect lets you view the security status of an individual end user. Also view the exact policy notification web page that the end user is viewing when in a quarantine or warning condition. See exactly why they are no longer in compliance, and what remediation instructions they’ve received. View quarantined devices for the entire enterprise, by user group, or by specific IP address, MAC address or user name.

Better Manage MPAA or RIAA Notices.

Use SafeConnect’s ability to provide real-time and historical data to correlate IP addresses and dates with the MAC address for device and the associated user identity.

Historical policy event data for individuals or groups can be automatically exported and stored at predefined internals to external relational database stores for query and compliance related archival storage requirements, as desired.

Information that can be exported includes the following:

  • Individual user name
  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • Last contact/log in (date/time)
  • Type of device
  • Group or role
  • Specific compliant policies
  • Specific non-compliant or failed policies

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