Is Unauthorized Access Putting Your Records at Risk?

Another day, another data breach. This time, a Paypal Subsidiary who attributes the breach to unauthorized access to locations on their network that stored personal information of customers. Those affected? Over 1.5 million users.

And it doesn’t stop at Paypal customers either. An electric company in New Jersey believes their customers who made payments at their automated kiosks may also be at risk. The “cleanup” from this will take months, if not years.

If your organization stores sensitive personal information of any kind, you need to be able to prove that only the right people have access to it. If you can’t produce a report of who’s on your network and to what they have access, then you’re putting your organization and its customers at risk.

SafeConnect has you covered with its Network Access Control and SDP products, both designed to give you the security, visibility and control your organization needs to ensure it prevents a breach from happening – keeping your customers and their data safe and sound. Both are part of a comprehensive Defense-in-Depth strategy for any firm or institution.



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