Is Your School a “Soft Target”?

If you’re unfamiliar with the K-12 Cyber Incident Map, it’s a great interactive visualization of all the publicly-reported cyber attacks on U.S. public schools and school districts since 2016, ranging from simple phishing scams to more disruptive denial-of-service attacks or other significant events that result in the unauthorized access or disclosure of student data. 2017 has already seen more disclosed events in its first half than in all of 2016 combined.

In this article from THE Journal, Doug Levin, founder and operator of this K-12 Cyber Incident Map shares some lessons he has learned after aggregating this data; namely “My sense is that as schools increase reliance on technology, [cybercriminals] are finding that schools are softer targets.”

Security is all about creating a safe computing environment for all users on all segments of your network. Make sure you invest enough time and energy ensuring your school district isn’t the next “soft target” for cyber criminals.

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