How Does Device Security Provide Real Time Posture Assessment?

SafeConnect’s Device Security module enhances the security posture of your network by providing real-time policy assessment, enforcement and self-remediation for Windows and macOS laptops and desktops.
Web-based self-remediation enables users to conform to security policies easily and intuitively, all without having to open a trouble ticket and get your help desk involved.
Every user’s system is checked prior to granting network access to ensure that the device adheres to your acceptable use policies. It is checked again on a continuous basis after access is granted. For example:


Ensure each device has an operating system that meets your patch level requirements


Ensure each device has an operating system that meets your patch level requirements

Peer to Peer

Ensure each device is not actively running peer-to-peer software

End of Life

Prevent an EOL OS from being able to join your network

Out of Date Software

Ensure each device does not have out of date Flash, Java or Reader

Custom Policies

Leverage custom policies to enforce compliance based on processes, services and/or registry values

Security Compliance

SafeConnect can run in 3 modes and take subsequent action based on your preferences for adherence to security policy.


Start here, and let SafeConnect guide you into crafting the right security policies for your organization


Once you’ve established security policies, give your end users chances to correct behavior before you take action on any failed adherence


Automatically quarantine a device if it's found to violate your security policies, and provide your end users with a self-remediation portal to get themselves back on the network

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