SafeConnect as a RADIUS server provides multiple options for any environment

Control devices connecting to network 

(block unknown devices from your network with Whitelist option)

Assign IoT devices specific network access

Assign Internet only access to Guest/BYOD devices

802.1X supplicants not required

Support for multiple network vendors

Downloadable VM installs quickly

Cloud-based or on-prem options available

Cost effective

The SafeConnect RADIUS server provides all the benefits mentioned above and much more.   Because of the ease of installation and flexible integration options, the system can be rapidly deployed and integrated with wireless and wired networks.

Multiple Authentication types supported, EAP-PEAP (including User or Machine Authentication), EAP-TLS (certificates), MAC Authentication.

Easy, One-Page AD Connection allows the SafeConnect RADIUS server to be joined to the Domain with a click of a button.  Once joined, WPA2E/802.1X wireless or wired authentication can be performed.

Available to be deployed in “Proxy Mode”.  This means that while SafeConnect can replace your existing RADIUS server infrastructure, it is also possible to leave the existing server(s) in place if already authenticating against AD and use SafeConnect to append the desired RADIUS attributes upon authentication.   Advanced conditional proxy rules allow for complex proxy configurations to fit into any environment.

Multiple Vendors supported with attribute support for any attribute the network device can process.  Some common attributes leveraged are VLAN ID, ACLs, Aruba Roles, Aerohive Profiles, Ruckus User Groups, QoS attributes, etc.

Ability to centrally manage Downloadable ACLs on some vendors negating the requirement to changes ACLs on every network device when a particular level of network access (such as contractor or VIP) needs to be modified.

Want to use SafeConnect as your RADIUS server?

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