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The SafeConnect RADIUS server allows you to authenticate users and devices, control network access, and assign network privileges for authenticated users and devices. Because of the ease of installation and flexible integration options, the system can be rapidly deployed and integrated with wireless and wired networks.

Network Visibility

A core security foundation is to understand who and what is on your network, where and when they have access, and the ability to automate and control access to sensitive data.  SafeConnect enables you to easily and safely achieve this visibility and control.

Guest Access

Most customers and visitors expect your organization to provide guest network access. You want to provide this securely, with a simple process for visiting users and granting access. SafeConnect offers a solution that is easy to deploy, use, and configure to your organization’s requirements.

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Posture Assessment

SafeConnect’s Device Security module enhances the security posture of your network by providing real-time policy assessment, enforcement, and self-remediation for Windows and macOS.

Network Security Orchestration

Network Security Orchestration gives you the ability to integrate with threat detection systems.   With this integration, SafeConnect detects and enables an automated response to advanced persistent threats (APTs).  You’ll no longer miss critical alerts and will enhance your cybersecurity defenses against both external and internal threats.

Threat Enforcement

Automatically remove devices from your network based on the risk level reported by intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS) and security information and event management (SIEM) providers.

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WPA2E Onboarding

By correctly and automatically configuring devices for secure WPA2 Enterprise wireless network, you’ll solve user frustration when password changes occur, and make guest wireless access a breeze — both end users and the help desk see the benefits.

Next Gen VPN

Less expensive than VPN or NGFW remote access alternatives; no throughput degradation due to VPN encryption; lightweight client requires no end user configuration; greater security based on application-session only (least-privileged) zero-trust access model.

Multi-Cloud Access

Customer provisioned cloud offering that provides rapid deployment and maintenance free support 24/7.

Regulatory Requirements

The core of regulatory compliance standards revolves around knowing the who, what, when, and where of devices and users on your network and controlling access to the data your company needs to keep secure. Impulse helps you achieve that visibility, security, and control, while automating policies that validate accountability and mitigate vulnerabilities and evolving threats – ensuring your compliance come audit time.

Security Begins With Network Visibility

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