24/7 Proactive Maintenance and Support

This is Not Your Traditional Managed Service!

Most technical personnel feel that engaging a “managed service” equates to relinquishing control. But SafeConnect’s Maintenance and Support Service is something different – you maintain total control and Impulse works for you. We take pride in the rapid, efficient, and accurate implementation of SafeConnect and will be available to provide personalized advice and support through your project planning, installation, and deployment.

At Impulse, we believe in teamwork. We’ll work with you to develop the SafeConnect solution that works best for your network, your team, and your security policies. Our support engineers will help you in developing a deployment and implementation plan, configuration, and provide on-going support thought the entire production process.  We’ll assist in the remote installation – and with teamwork can get it done in less than an hour. We’ll also troubleshoot issues and provide a solution.

SafeConnect is supported by the industry’s only comprehensive maintenance and support service. We don’t forget you after the sale. We proactively monitor your system 24/7 and will work with you to figure out any problems and how to fix them. You won’t be left on your own. And that counts for something.

Support Service That You Deserve

SafeConnect is delivered as a proactive support service. The health of the system is monitored from the Impulse Support Center and Impulse is responsible for delivering all necessary software maintenance, problem determination and resolution, and ongoing feature enhancement. The organization maintains full control of managing their desired endpoint computing policies and enforcement rules via the SafeConnect Policy Management Console.

All necessary Policy Appliance hardware, software licenses, and the following support services are included in the initial first year price of the SafeConnect solution:

  • Implementation planning and server pre-load and testing
  • Standard remote installation assistance and training
  • Impulse Managed Support Services:
    • Remote policy enforcer appliance monitoring
    • Problem determination and resolution
    • Installation of all software maintenance
    • Remote disaster recovery daily backups
    • Future software version upgrade protection

Remote Installation

We take pride in the quick, efficient, and accurate implementation and deployment of our SafeConnect solution. The SafeConnect Policy Enforcer Appliance is configured prior to shipment and prepared for remote installation upon arrival. Remote installation, with the assistance of the customer, is provided as part of the Impulse standard service agreement, and generally takes less than an hour per appliance or location.

SafeConnect can be installed in hours instead of the days or weeks needed by other NAC providers.

Proactive Monitoring 24 Hours a Day

SafeConnect is delivered as an operationally managed cloud support service. The health of your system is monitored from the Impulse Support Center on a continuous basis (i.e., 24/7). Impulse is responsible for delivering all necessary software maintenance, problem determination / resolution, and ongoing feature enhancements. You maintain full control of managing your endpoint security policies and enforcement rules via the SafeConnect Policy Management Console.

Problem Determination and Resolution

Impulse owns problem determination and resolution. You don’t need to be an expert in SafeConnect because experts are monitoring your system. We’ll answer your questions. We’ll figure out what the problem is … and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll work to get the right one. No research on your own. No trying to explain it to customer service.

Rapid Updates

We are committed to delivering supported updates of new endpoint operating systems, and security software anti-virus applications within 24 to 48 hours of their official release date, as compared to other Legacy NAC providers who struggle with maintaining 24‐48+ “day” update cycles.

Our service philosophy is to own and maintain the function of updating new endpoint operating systems and security software applications “in-house” as part of its proactive maintenance. This perspective allows us to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace by simply updating customers on a nightly basis.

Technical Support Available When You Need It

The Impulse Support Center is available by phone or email 24 hours a day. Call prioritization is automated and based on customer severity and response time metrics.  After hours support is available for high severity issues, or P1 tickets.  Any other issues will be responded to during normal business hours.  Any trouble with the policy appliances that cannot be corrected remotely within 2 hours after the trouble-shooting commences will be resolved by the overnight dispatch, as appropriate, of a new SafeConnect Policy Appliance equipped with the previous day’s remote policy backup.


We include remote training for policy administrators and help desk support personnel as part of the bundled initial cost.

Training is typically conducted via a conference call and usually takes 2 to 4 hours. We suggest that both the policy administration and help desk teams are present, but we’ll be glad to conduct a combined training session or separate based on the support team’s size and schedules. Online/remote training is also provided. The Impulse Support Center is also available for “how-to” consultation as a managed service feature.