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A SafeConnect Network is A Secure Network

How Does SafeConnect Standard Addresses NAC Network Security?

SafeConnect’s Standard Edition provides all the security functionality of Essentials plus additional capabilities
with an End-User Captive Portal, Guest Registration, and capability for Posture Assessment to ensure Windows and MAC
devices meet your acceptable use policies.


RADIUS server that allows you to authenticate users and devices, control network access, and assign network privileges for authenticated users and devices.

Layer 2 Network Integration

Layer 2 Network Integration capability using RADIUS standards with with many wired and wireless vendors supported using 802.1X, WPA2E, and/or MAC Authentication. Bulk NAS importing and NAS CIDR notification options are available along with custom RADIUS attribute creation.

Agentless Device Identification

Agentless device identification profiling provides visibility into when a device is connected to the network, what type of device it is, and the identity of the user behind that device.

End User AD/LDAP/Azure Authentication

End User AD/LDAP/Azure Authentication prevents unauthorized users from accessing network resources and participates in the following authentication types: EAP-PEAP (credential based), EAP-PEAP (machine based),EAP-TLS (certificate based), and Domain Single Sign-On (SSO) via RADIUS.

Network Access Control and Assignment

Network Access Control and Assignment provides wired port level and wireless SSID control. This can be done with Dynamic VLAN Assignment, Downloadable ACLs (dACL), and/or Role Based Access (Roles, Profiles, Filter-Id, etc).

Remote Managed Support

Remote-managed support updates for new device type fingerprinting within 48 hours.

Device Enrollment

Device Enrollment with Bulk Upload MAC Address capability enables proper authentication for browser-less devices such as printers, VOIP phones, IP Cameras or any other IOT enabled device including optional network access assignment (VLAN, ACL, Role, Profile, etc).

End User Captive Portal

End User Captive Portal with extensive branding / customization capabilities for BYOD and COPE devices.

Guest Self Registration

Guest Self-Registration automates the process of provisioning temporary network access for your guests.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time Reporting Dashboard for data archiving and historical reporting.


Leverage VM hardware fault tolerance or purchase the High Availablity (HA) option.

Real-Time Posture Assessment

Every user’s system is checked prior to granting network access to ensure that the device adheres to your acceptable use policies. It is checked again on a continuous basis after access is granted.

A SafeConnect Network Is A Secure Network.

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