Self-Provisioning Guest Management

A guest-owned device on the network represents a unique challenge when it comes to computing access. These temporary users need convenience, limited network resources and time-based credentials. From a networking security perspective these systems should also meet your established policies, but with minimal invasion of their system.

SafeConnect is especially good at making guest access easy. There are four levels of easy that the solution offers:

  • Easy – Pre-assign guest access credentials by adding the user to a designated guest authentication server.
  • Easier – Delegation of assigning guest access credentials to non-IT staff like a conference organizer or receptionists
  • Easiest – A self-service portal for guests to request access and receive credentials in the form of a text message to a mobile phone
  • Ridiculously Easy – Restricted access such as Internet-only privileges can be granted without credentials simply by using the guest user button


Click Here to watch a video which shows our Guest User Self-Registration process in real time.

Self-Provisioning Guest Profiles

Configure multiple guest self-provisioning profiles to control access; approval and notification; and guest account duration requirements. This eliminates the need for time-consuming case-by-case contact by help desk personnel. Administrators can choose from one of four approval methods, depending on the level of control required and the requirements of each profile:

  • Instant Access with no notification or approval required
  • Automatic approval with no notifications
  • Automatic approval with a notification sent to administrators
  • Administrative approval required


Viewing Guest Account Information

SafeConnect provides real-time reporting views and historical policy event data that depict authentication, compliance, and remediation status for guest policy groups. Easily view active guest accounts, suspend guest access privileges, and apply restricted guest access policies to any active endpoint device with the click-of-a-button.

Designed to automate adherence to acceptable use endpoint security policies (including authentication log-on and log-off date and time), SafeConnect provides both real-time and historical reporting information regarding policy events.

Reports are available to show authentication, compliance, and remediation status for individual endpoints, a range of IP addresses, or by policy group via the SafeConnect Reporting Dashboard Portal.

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