Gartner Highlights Dell’s Use of SafeConnect

Business people reading Impulse's report about Gartner's highlights of Dell's use of SafeConnect.

When considering IT products, it is often critical to choose products that can work with one another. Users of Dell EMC’s networking products should rest assured Impulse’s SafeConnect Network Access Control (NAC) solution integrates so well with Dell’s networking products that the products’ ability to complement each other was mentioned in a recent Gartner study.

Dell EMC is a brand of Dell Technologies. Dell EMC’s products work to harness the power of modern technology to enhance organizations’ data centers. As a means to accomplish this goal, Dell EMC offers both wired and wireless networking products.

Gartner’s Report

In July 2018, Gartner published its “Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure” report. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant reports divide IT companies into the categories of challengers, leaders, niche players, and visionaries based upon factors like their completeness of vision and ability to execute said vision. Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure” report used this approach to classify Wireless and Wired local area networks (LANs). The report summarizes details about the products of major providers of wired and wireless LAN access infrastructure along with a list of the providers’ strengths and weaknesses.

Dell in Gartner’s Report

Gartner included Dell EMC as a provider of Wired/Wireless LAN access within its report. The report mentions Dell EMC’s unified access networking solutions along with the partners Dell EMC uses to enable and/or enhance its networking products. Impulse is among these partners. Other partners mentioned include Aerohive, ARRIS, and AirWatch. The report indicates that Dell EMC focuses on midsize organizations. It suggests organizations with unified access network requirements should consider Dell EMC.

How Dell Uses SafeConnect

In Gartner’s evaluation of Dell EMC’s networking products, Gartner mentions how SafeConnect partners with Dell to provide multifactor network access control (NAC). It mentions SafeConnect again as one of Dell EMC’s strengths because it enables Dell EMC to provide a vast number of access network services that work in tandem with its networking products.

Impulse SafeConnect is Dell’s preferred Network Access Management Solution. In collaboration with Impulse, Dell’s networking customers can experience the benefits of Impulse’s SafeConnect solution. These customers gain more information about who accesses their networks, which devices people on their networks use, and access to custom policies to block users not following cybersecurity best practices. This helps people access their wireless and wired networks more simply and securely.

Impulse’s Partners

Impulse does its best to partner with companies that can make Impulse’s solutions more accessible to customers who wish to maximize their network’s value.

Read more about Impulse’s current partners and how to become a partner on Impulse’s NAC Partners page. To learn how you can implement SafeConnect for your organization, visit Impulse’s Demo Request page.

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