Network Access Control for K-12 Education

It’s All About “Anytime, Anywhere” Learning

Today’s learning environment is well-connected and has high availability and on-demand needs. Web access is pervasive – anywhere there is a signal, students can be found accessing data from their phones, tablets, and smart boards. These smart devices and how students use them in their educational pursuits truly embody the Internet of Things (IoT) world.Many K-12 school districts are recognizing that implementing a BYOD policy is an effective way to harness cutting edge technology that enables students to communicate, collaborate and innovate – all at a fraction of the price of traditional 1-to-1 initiatives. However, it can represent a big cultural change for the learning environment as well as a challenge to IT professionals.SafeConnect-enabled BYOD programs have provided device visibility, robust guest self-enrollment, enhanced end user experience and secure access for both faculty and staff at many K-12 school districts across the country.

Selecting a BYOD? What should you expect?

We know education. SafeConnect was originally designed for use on college campuses – and since the beginning, the product has been upgraded and enhanced with direct feedback from its users. District networks resemble those of higher education more every day. We can help you provide the balance of access and security that’s right for you.

Centrally Managed Solution

SafeConnect’s Enterprise Policy Manager offers a centralized policy management interface that will enable an authorized policy administrator the ability to build and edit policies that can be deployed immediately.

SafeConnect is designed to be intuitive and easy to use and the Policy Manager can be accessed from multiple locations. It also allows you to assign application and read/write level administrative privileges to policy administrators and help desk personnel.

Directory Services Integration

SafeConnect utilizes directory services infrastructure (i.e. LDAP, MS Active Directory, RADIUS) to authenticate end user devices. The system can also apply identity- or role-based policies and enforcement rules based on how a user is defined within the directory system (student, employee, guest, vendor, etc.) Users who cannot be authenticated can be quarantined or blocked from accessing the network. SafeConnect also features a Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication capability that could allow existing AD managed users to maintain their existing login process user experience.

Network Access for All

SafeConnect was designed to enable safe network access to authorized users regardless of the connection. It is common for users to introduce small multi-port hubs on the network as a way to increase connections. These hubs provide convenience but at the same time allow malicious users to operate undetected. SafeConnect solves the potential security issue associated with hubs while maintaining the benefit of increased access by detecting the presence of a Network Access Translation (NAT) device and requiring it to be placed in bridge mode. This allows the system to identify, authenticate and assess the security of the devices connected to a hub.

No Changes to LAN/WAN Required

SafeConnect is network switch hardware and software vendor independent and integrates into the existing network architecture. No rip-and-replace. No unexpected purchases. Just a simple NAC that works with whatever you already have (or might have in the future!)

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