Network Access Control for Healthcare

Cloud-Managed Security Compliance Automation for Health Entities

 How often do health entities perform vulnerability assessments on their own networks? If you guessed monthly or quarterly, you’re way off. Most medical facilities (only 41%) perform network security checks once a year or on an ad hoc basis as needed (43%). What that really means, is they perform security assessments when required by law or when they discover a problem. At that point, patients’ private information could be compromised.

Whether its smartphones, tablets or devices categorized as part of the Internet of things (IoT), by verifying the identity of anyone seeking access to electronic protected health information (ePHI), limiting access to only those who have access rights, and maintaining event information for audit time, SafeConnect plays an integral part in securing your ePHI.

SafeConnect integrates with any LDAP structure (such as Active Directory) to create role-based access to your most sensitive data. This ensures that only those people with the designated role or rights to information are granted access.

Crafting an enforcement policy to ensure you are preventing and correcting any security violations is a key rule under HIPAA regulations. With SafeConnect, you can create network access policies that are as granular as you need them to be – whether it’s controlling a single device to enforcing a policy facility-wide. SafeConnect then provides you with automated enforcement actions tailored to meet the needs of your organization and any security violation (audit, warn and quarantine).

The historical and real-time reporting capabilities of SafeConnect allow you to easily access detailed information necessary during audits, such as policy compliance, policy failure, and actions taken to remediate. All reports are kept on the appliance for one year and can be exported easily for extended periods thereafter.

SafeConnect delivers HIPAA compliance pertaining to the control of access to the network, protecting EPHI, and creating and enforcing information security policies.

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