State and Local Government Network Access Control

Cloud-Managed Security Compliance Automation for State and Local Governments

Just like their private sector counterparts, government organizations at all levels are faced with the ever increasing onslaught of unknown computing devices accessing critical network infrastructure. When it comes to network security, every employee, contractor, customer, or supplier is a potential vulnerability point.

An everyday challenge for IT managers is enforcing network access privileges and security compliance policies without impeding access by their employees, contractors and customers. Agencies are also faced with the daunting task of correlating device information and user identity for things like regulatory compliance and security forensics.

The value of SafeConnect is simply this—by ensuring that the security posture of every endpoint device is monitored and enforced in real-time, the threat associated with security incidents can be reduced substantially. Don’t risk your agency’s data and reputation by exposing it – instead ensure that the security of your network, your constituents’ personal information, and your intellectual property remains intact.

SafeConnect integrates with any LDAP structure (such as Active Directory) to create role-based access to your most sensitive data. This ensures that only those people with the designated role or rights to information are granted access.

Crafting an enforcement policy to ensure you are preventing and correcting any security violations is a key part of meeting compliance requirements. With SafeConnect, you can create network access policies that are as granular as you need them to be – whether it’s controlling a single device to enforcing a policy facility-wide. SafeConnect then provides you with automated enforcement actions tailored to meet the needs of your organization and any security violation (audit, warn and quarantine).

The historical and real-time reporting capabilities of SafeConnect allow you to easily access detailed information necessary during audits, such as policy compliance, policy failure, and actions taken to remediate. All reports are kept on the appliance for one year and can be exported easily for extended periods thereafter.

Regulatory Compliance

All core IT regulatory compliance standards revolve around understanding who and what is on your network, where and when they have access, and the ability to automate and control access to sensitive data. SafeConnect helps you achieve that control, create frameworks of accountability and mitigate vulnerabilities – ensuring your compliance at audit time.

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Identify every user and device on all portions of your network (wired and wireless), and comply with eight specific PCI DSS requirements
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Control access to the network, safeguard electronic protected health information (EPHI), and create and enforce information security policies
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Impulse SafeConnect is a solution that provides the opportunity to lock down one’s network to a specific desire and only having to pay for the type of NAC that is desired. Government institutions tend to be one of the most targeted industries and with all of the sensitive information that is held in government networks, it is absolutely necessary to keep tha tinformation locked down so that only certain devices have access to that information.

Network Access Control should be seen as a way to mitigate those threatening devices from connecting to the network and can also be seen as much much more. Wihtout the NAC solution, a network can be hosting many different devices that should in no way be on the network. Other network security products and procedures may be able to see these devices, but are normally not proactive enough to mitigate said threats before it is already too late.

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