Why is Next Generation NAC Important for ALL Industries?

SafeConnect’s technology can be used to provide immediate mitigation from cyber threats by changing access privileges for suspect or infected endpoints. Our Next Generation NAC provides visibility into what devices are on the network, and then adds contextual awareness about those endpoints to assist in incident investigations. This capability enables network orchestration, which is bidirectional communication between NAC and other cyber security defenses enhancing the efficacy of each.

These enhancements include the offer of endpoint visibility, bidirectional integration with other network and security platforms, adding ‘context’ to controls and enabling network orchestration. While endpoint visibility provides crucial information about corporate assets, specialized devices, their location and the security posture of endpoints, bidirectional integration helps build a stronger cyber network foundation.

Who We Help

No matter the industry, SafeConnect helps you meet your unique requirements. Click below to find out more:


All core IT regulatory compliance standards revolve around understanding who and what is on your network, where and when they have access, and the ability to automate and control access to sensitive data. SafeConnect helps you achieve that control, create frameworks of accountability and mitigate vulnerabilities – ensuring your compliance at audit time.


Impulse was founded to address the unique endpoint policy requirements of the education industry. Because of this heritage, we are the preeminent leader of network access control for both higher education and K-12.


SafeConnect integrates with any LDAP structure to create role-based access, ensuring only the people required to have access to sensitive financial data have it.

State and Local Government

Just like their private sector counterparts, government organizations at all levels are faced with the ever increasing onslaught of unknown computing devices accessing critical network infrastructure. When it comes to network security, every employee, contractor, customer, or supplier is a potential vulnerability point.


SafeConnect delivers HIPAA compliance pertaining to the control of access to the network, protecting EPHI, and creating and enforcing information security policies.

Impulse acquired by OPSWAT  |  December 12, 2019  | Press Release