Congrats to Adams State & University of North Alabama!

SafeConnect Schools Occupy Two of Top Ten Spots in National Online Security Survey

TAMPA, FL, October 23, 2015 – Impulse, the leading provider of Contextual Intelligence™ and access control solutions in support of BYOD-friendly enterprises, congratulates the Top 10 schools included in SecurityScorecard’s 2015 Higher Education Security Report. SafeConnect supports two of the Top 10 schools: #3-ranked Adams State University and #6-ranked University of North Alabama. Both schools received ‘A’s in the categories of network and endpoint security.



In a study released by SecurityScorecard™, 485 colleges and universities were graded across seven major security categories including endpoint security and network security. The colleges and universities included in the study were selected based on the digital footprint of each university, having at least 1,000 or more public-facing IP addresses.

A key finding showed that the average time to patch vulnerable software and applications in the Education vertical is 28 days. Impulse is committed to delivering supported updates of new endpoint operating systems and security software anti-virus applications within 24 to 48 hours of their official release date, as compared to other NAC providers who often struggle with maintaining 24‐48+ “day” update cycles.

“SafeConnect addresses virus and malware outbreaks and network security concerns by being an enforcement mechanism and ensuring patching cadence for end points,” says Kirk Anderson, Customer Support Manager at Impulse. “We’re continually pushing updated OS fingerprints to our customers so that their systems recognize devices as soon as possible. Devices with outdated operating systems are especially vulnerable to malware, and present a very significant risk to the network”.

SafeConnect™ delivers real-time security policy enforcement for managed, BYOD, and guest devices and is supported by the BYOD industry’s leading maintenance and support agreement, which includes a 48-hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) for recognition of new devices, operating systems, and endpoint security software.

Impulse provides an industry-exclusive managed support service for its SafeConnect family of products that includes:

  • Proactive 24/7 remote policy appliance monitoring.
  • Problem determination and resolution ownership.
  • Daily device recognition and software updates.
  • Installation of all software maintenance.
  • Daily remote policy configuration backups.
  • Overnight appliance replacement and restoration services.
  • Future application version enhancements – upgrade protection.

To see the top and bottom school rankings or to download SecurityScorecard’s 2015 Higher Education Security Report, visit SecurityScorecard

Impulse is the leading provider of Contextual Intelligence™ and access control solutions in support of BYOD-friendly enterprises. Impulse securely and efficiently automates BYOD by combining our real-time, context-aware and simplified architecture, remote managed support services and customer-centric business philosophy to enable customer freedom. Our customers know this as the Impulse Experience. The security of more than four million endpoints is entrusted to Impulse.

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