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SafeConnect is significantly different from other network access control solutions available in the market today. Our solution was designed from the very beginning to provide safe access for devices and users that is both simple and easy to use. Unfortunately, most NAC solutions today are very intrusive to network operations and require considerable time and effort to manage. In addition, most NAC solutions provide a very poor user experience. This is not how SafeConnect works.

Our philosophy is that a NAC solution should be an application that runs on the network to enforce policy and provide identity. By contrast, a NAC solution should not be intrusive or dictate architectural changes or moves. We also believe that a positive user experience is essential. It has to be easy and intuitive. SafeConnect is specifically designed with this type of user experience in mind. If a user’s system falls out of compliance they will be able to self-correct their system and get back on the network without generating a helpdesk call.

Here are the keys elements that make SafeConnect truly unique…

Real Time Monitoring

SafeConnect is the only solution on the market that checks a user’s system before getting on the network and then continuously in real time afterwards.

Benefit: A device out of compliance with your security standards does not reside on the network for extended periods of time. The user experience also is much better because only those outside of the policy are placed in remediation. This eliminates the need to kick all users off the network to catch the few who are out of compliance.

Layer 3 Solution

SafeConnect is the only solution that resides at Layer3 on the network. This means the system stays independent of the distribution or edge switches.

Benefit: SafeConnect does not require any network switch configuration.

Maintenance and Monitoring Bundle

SafeConnect is the only NAC solution that comes with a monitoring service as part of standard maintenance. Our staff monitors the health of the appliance continuously and takes proactive action if a problem is detected. We shoulder the system troubleshooting so that you can focus on other important matters. This service also includes the pushing of new device finger printing, remediation resource updates and daily back up of the system policy build.

Benefit: We take responsibility for system problem determination and resolution – which reduces your support burden.

Rapid Deployment

SafeConnect is unique in that it deploys in a matter of hours instead of most NAC solutions that take days or weeks. The key is that SafeConnect operates independently of the switch ports. There are no network configurations or changes required to implement SafeConnect.

Benefit: The system deployment is extremely fast and non-disruptive to the current network operation.

Flexible Licenses

Only Impulse has a licensing model that is based on the number of user devices on the network. Plus the licenses are determined based on the sustained average. This means the system accounts for fluctuation in users without requiring additional licenses to be purchased.

Benefit: License are charges for only the user system on the network at any one time and if the license count is exceeded the system continues to work.

Device Finger Printing

SafeConnect is the only NAC solution that identifies devices exclusively by their unique finger print. Most NAC providers rely on MAC address for device identity. This is inherently unreliable since MAC addresses can be spoofed.

Benefit: The system provides a continuous and immediate view of the state of the network. There are no report generation and system queries required.

Automated Device Access

Impulse Point recognizes that not all devices connected to the network are equal. There some that you simply want to grant access, others you want to associate with a user and certain types you want to block altogether. Only SafeConnect offers this level of device access options.

Benefit: The system works the way you need it to by provide different kinds of network access and ownership associations based the device type.


SafeConnect is the only system that reports on the status of users and devices in real time. At any moment in time, information is available on the present state of users, connected devices and policy compliance.

Benefit: The system provides a continuous and immediate view of the state of the network. There are no report generation and system queries required.

Custom Policy Creation

SafeConnect comes complete with set of standard policies, but it also has a custom build feature to tailor the system to your environment. This feature is unique in that is it easy to use, but extremely flexible.

Benefit: The system provides a continuous and immediate view of the state of the network. There are no report generation and system queries required.



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