How to Decide Which IoT Devices to Allow

Today’s smart devices allow us to do everything from change the temperature of our oven to find our car keys. But the potential security threat these devices pose is a serious matter. A Gartner survey found that almost 20 percent … Read More

How to Stop your K12 Students from Accessing Inappropriate Websites

Most schools receiving federal funding are required to block inappropriate websites. This is usually accomplished with content-control software, but some students use proxies to get around these restrictions. Fortunately, there are ways school administrators can limit access to inappropriate websites … Read More

How to Test Your Software’s Accessibility

Accessibility is not only a concern for physical spaces but virtual ones as well. Whether your organization has a software-based product or just a website, it’s important to consider software’s accessibility. 1.      Consider Legal Requirements Not only can inaccessible software … Read More

Purdue Blocks Streaming Sites to Maximize Bandwidth

Purdue University has a radical solution to its bandwidth problem: blocking streaming services from lecture halls. Blocked sites include Netflix, Apple Updates, iTunes, Hulu and Steam. What is blocked? The university blocked the aforementioned streaming sites from four of its … Read More

Recent Chinese Hardware Hack Emphasizes Network Segmentation’s Importance

With most of the world’s hardware manufactured in China, it was perhaps a matter of time before Chinese hackers exploited hardware to spy on government organizations. According to Bloomberg, this week marked the announcement of a hardware vulnerability implanted by … Read More

How to Protect Digital Assets from Natural Disasters

With the effects of Hurricane Florence, the need to prepare for natural disasters is clear. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that natural disasters caused $87,377.50 million worth of US property damage in 2017 alone. Yet, not just … Read More

How to Choose the Best BYOD Policy

Computing devices are everywhere. According to the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone and that is not even taking into account PCs, tablets, and wearables. With how common these devices are, their presence in the workplace … Read More

Understanding Defense in Depth

Increasing your cybersecurity protection and decreasing your risk against attack can be a daunting task to undertake. Where do you even start? Take a look at our guide below for some helpful tips on where to begin your cybersecurity journey!

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