The State of Network Access Control

Couple shopping for the latest tech, theoretically including Network Access Control (NAC).

When it comes to controlling access to your network, there are three data points that are more important than any others. Knowing who accesses, what accesses and where your network is accessed from is critical to its continued security. A Network Access Control (NAC) solution helps organizations do just that. A survey by eSecurity Planet revealed the state of Network Access Control. NAC plays an integral role in organizations’ network security.

Cyber Security Priority

According to eSecurity Planet’s survey, NAC is one of the top three IT spending priorities. This means that NAC is something many organizations are soon planning to buy to help keep their networks secure.

This growth is happening even though NAC is already one of the most widely used cybersecurity technologies. About 54 percent of respondents already used NAC and about 20 percent are planning to purchase NAC within the twelve-month period following the survey.

Why is NAC so important to network security?

With NAC part of or soon to be part of so many organizations’ cyber security plans, it’s clear many organizations view NAC as integral to their networks’ continued security. NAC solutions identify and profile devices that want to connect to your organization’s network. They can also enforce access control policies to ensure correct placement on your network or block access, perform posture assessments for security compliance and conduct remediation tasks.

These capabilities make NAC an ideal solution for monitoring devices such as those belonging to the Internet of Things (IoT). The information recorded about the activity of these devices can then be sent to other cyber security solutions, enhancing their ability to detect threats and perform other related tasks. This means that the benefits of NAC on network security can far exceed those provided by the NAC solution alone.


NAC was the cybersecurity technology users had the most confidence in, with 25.8 percent of respondents stating it was their most trusted technology. This means that they were more confident in NAC’s ability to perform its job than any other of the security options listed.

Impulse’s SafeConnect Among Top NAC Solutions

In another article from eSecurity Planet, Impulse SafeConnect is named among the top NAC solutions. eSecurity Planet highlights SafeConnect’s transition from serving the education industry to serving a wide range of industries including enterprise and government.

It also highlights SafeConnect’s abilities to automatically detect and fingerprint new devices and its ability to scale to serve a vast range of endpoints.

SafeConnect NAC

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