Lessons From a 161 Million Record Database Data Breach

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Each day, people share their information with websites in order to receive services. Unfortunately, those services can be insecure. According to scmagazine, a recent database data breach on a MoviePass subdomain exposed 161 million records. This could have potentially exposed the credit card and customer card information of at least 60,000 customers. It’s believed that this information may have been exposed several months before the breach’s discovery.

Impulse proposes that a breach like this one might have been prevented using a solution like Software Defined Perimeter (SDP). Attackers often take advantage of security weaknesses created to permit access for developers or testers to troubleshoot production issues. With SDP this access can be more securely provided.

For example, if a tester or developer needs to access ports such as 5432 for Postgres, 1433 or 1434 for SQL Server, or those used for Oracle, SDP can ensure only authorized developers and testers have access to those ports. To get this access, developers will first need to authenticate with their AD or LDAP user Id and password through SDP. Group membership in these servers can be granted and revoked automatically as employees move between positions.

SDP Can Help Prevent Database Data Breaches

Within an hour or two, SafeConnect SDP can be in place protecting your databases and other critical resources from attacks like this MoviePass breach. Learn more on our SDP page or signup to our 60-day free trial.

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