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The value of SafeConnect is simply this—by ensuring that the security posture of every endpoint device is monitored and enforced in real-time, the threat associated with security incidents can be reduced substantially. Don’t risk your company’s data and reputation by exposing it – instead ensure that the security of your network, your constituents’ personal information, and your intellectual property remains intact.

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THE Journal Whitepaper

Implementing BYOD with a Managed Service

Many K-12 school districts are recognizing that implementing a BYOD policy is an effective approach to providing their students and faculty with the opportunity to enhance the education process by leveraging 21st century technology. However, it can represent a big cultural change for the learning environment as well as a challenge to IT professionals. Download this whitepaper to learn how Impulse’s SafeConnect mobile device management solution enabled BYOD initiatives, real-time reporting and an enhanced end user experience for both faculty and staff at three K-12 school districts.

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