Device Security


Real-time Security

SafeConnect’s Device Security module enhances the security posture of your network by providing real-time policy assessment, enforcement, and self-remediation for Windows and Mac OS X devices.

Every user’s system is checked prior to granting network access to ensure that the device adheres to your acceptable use policies as well as on a continuous basis after access is granted. For example:

  • Ensuring each device has anti-virus installed, running, and is at the most updated version
  • Ensuring each device’s operating system currently meets your patch level requirements
  • Ensuring devices are not actively running peer-to-peer software or personal firewalls
  • Enforcing compliance with mobile device management (MDM) policies, including removing “jailbroken” devices from the network or blocking devices that have had MDM software removed

Web-based self-remediation enables users to conform to security policies easily and intuitively, all without getting your help desk involved.

Click here for a quick video of our Device Security functionality.