Experience the Freedom


Freedom and the Impulse Experience

5 Reasons to Choose SafeConnect!

To find out the top 5 reasons organizations choose SafeConnect over other products, and to view a short video, click here.

Freedom is a heady experience. And it can mean different things to different people – especially those who use SafeConnect. For some, it means seamless mobility and no need to re-authenticate again and again as they move through their day. For others, it’s the “extra” time reclaimed because the system does not require constant monitoring. Still others rejoice over the high business value and return on investment.

It’s not only about the network. It’s about the user and their experience and how that experience reflects on the help desk, the security officer, the network team, systems administration, and business decisions.

Ultimately, the “experience” is the result of the way Impulse does things. And it all goes back to our user-centric business philosophy. This full-service solution approach combines Impulse’s products with expert technical support and network insight. As a result, our clients gain an enduring and evolving solution that is able to address ever-changing security, intelligence, and visibility and control demands.

The industry’s most comprehensive, client-centric managed services delivery model (aka The Impulse Experience) includes access control architecture that drastically simplifies the enablement of network security, control and intelligence; a decade of experience and technology leadership in BYOD enablement and in Education; and significant IT cost reductions in the areas of network infrastructure, maintenance and support costs.


Round-the-Clock Managed Support Services

  • Continuous (24/7), proactive network and solution monitoring
  • Hardware and software problem determination and resolution support
  • Upgrade protection for future software functional releases
  • Daily policy configuration remote backups enable Impulse to restore and deliver a replacement system within 24 hours
  • Direct access to expert engineering team members who can address solution and issues and technology questions

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The Easiest, Fastest and Best Supported Implementation on the Market

  • Implementation can take less than an hour, compared to days with competitors
  • Implementation is 100% remote, reducing disruption and costs

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Solutions and Maintenance are Highly Efficient and Cost- Effective

  • Product updates and installations are free for all customers, reducing your TCO and infrastructure costs
  • All software refreshes are provided by Impulse and are free of charge to customers.