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Who We Help

Impulse offers a solution that maintains the security of computing devices on your network. Our customers include any organization that wants to enforce security policies in an automated and non-intrusive way. In short, we help manage the devices on your network.

SafeConnect is used extensively by organizations across the country; with many of our customers at colleges, universities and K-12 school districts. These environments are notorious for having large populations of unmanaged devices as well as significant security considerations. Industry analysts like Gartner and Frost & Sullivan identify Education as the proving ground for Network Access Control.

Think about this….if SafeConnect can work so well in the challenging environment of education, it can help any business. SafeConnect can provide visibility and enforcement of security policies to all the devices on your network


If you’d like to learn more about SafeConnect, please click here to view a short video.  If you’d like a deeper dive, simply fill out this productdemo request form and we’ll contact you to set up a time to discuss things. Let us know what your questions are, we’ll be happy to answer them.[/one_third][one_third]

What We Do

To be the best at anything requires focus and commitment. At Impulse our focus is on BYOD security and our commitment to providing the easiest and non-invasive solution on the market.

Identify, Secure, Orchestrate

SafeConnect is an essential network security solution for protecting your critical data and intellectual property, combining the real-time visibility, security and orchestration required to address regulatory compliance and security policy automation. SafeConnect is delivered as a Cloud-Managed Service that relieves the organization of costly technical support related to proactive monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades.

SafeConnect automates your security policies– from assessing compliance with security policies to determining if a specific application is running on a device while it is on the network.  Other features include the following:

  • Real-time agentless device identification of endpoints and user authentication prevents unauthorized devices and users from accessing critical network resources
  • Dynamic identity-based network and application access assignment based on the role a user plays at your organization
  • Guest self-enrollment and automated verification, including guest access profile options and approval policies
  • Self-guided remediation allows users to conform to security policies without help desk support

How We Work

SafeConnect is comprised of three components: An Appliance, User Licenses and Maintenance.

  • The Appliance. The appliance operates as a true “out-of-line” network device, and “fails open” —presenting no single point of failure, performance bottle-necks or maintenance-related or scheduled network outages.
  • Free Software Updates and New Versions. Impulse will never charge you for new versions of the software, updates or services to install these.
  • User Licenses.The software user licenses are based on the average number of concurrent users. These means you only purchase licenses based on who you know and based on an average. And given it is an average, the system continues to operate if you exceed your license count.
  • Unlimited Bursting of Temporary Licenses. This allows for the spikes in users and devices (especially around events).
  • Maintenance. SafeConnect comes with the industry’s only proactive maintenance and support service. This means we monitor the health of your system 24/7/365. If a problem is detected we proactively work to correct it. This is how maintenance is supposed to be.


SafeConnect works with your directory services (i.e. LDAP, MS Active Directory) to enable user authentication. The system also automatically identifies devices on the network. These two functions work automatically to match users to devices. This allows for security policies to be applied based on user groups (student, employee, guest, vendor, etc.), access method (wired, wireless, VPN) or by device type (Windows, MAC, gaming, mobile etc.)

The biggest challenge managing network performance and security today is the dramatic increase in the number of mobile devices connecting to the network. SafeConnect can keep you one step ahead by being able to identify, authenticate, on-board and monitor these devices in an automated way.

The uniqueness of SafeConnect is that is operates in real time. Other solutions claim real-time but these are polling schemes that tax the network and require manual intervention. Real-time monitoring means that users are checked before getting on the network as well as continuously while connected. This is inherently more secure and provides for a greatly enhanced user experience. And given our unique approach, our real-time security checks are performed without any network traffic degradation. That means that you know what’s happening on your network at any moment in time.




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