Reduce Help Desk Calls

SafeConnect Drives Reduction in Help Desk Calls

The SafeConnect solution is easy to deploy and manage, and helps drive a substantial reduction in help desk calls because it is intuitive and user friendly for both end users and IT support management teams.

All devices (including those of guest users) connecting to the network are automatically intercepted, and challenged by the SafeConnect customer-branded authentication portal. After presenting the appropriate user name and password credentials, the user is presented with acceptable use policies, and the device is certified that it adheres to endpoint security policies on a continuous/ real-time basis. Users not in compliance receive individualized policy notifications regarding the reason for non-compliance (e.g. out of date anti-virus protection) and are guided through the remediation process with instructions and a link to an internal or external source where the appropriate software or virus definition can be downloaded.

Because the remediation process is simple and straight-forward, users follow through to regain compliance to the network. This results in fewer instances of non-compliance and ultimately fewer calls to the Help Desk.

Don’t Take Our Word for It…

This is What Some of Our Customers Have to Say!


“We were able to reduce the time focused on our Help Desk. Using Cisco Clean Access during previous back-to-school seasons, we had to hire outside contractors to help cover the IT desk because we touched almost every student machine on campus. The SafeConnect end user interface is very user friendly and most of our time this year was spent on machines with serious problems, rather than spending time simply installing the NAC. The student experience is much better.”

“It’s refreshing to have something that ‘just works’. “

“We were using another NAC alternative and had more than 2,700 Help Desk calls on the opening weekend of the Fall semester. This year, after installing SafeConnect NAC and rolling out to 10,000 students in 2 days, there were only 174 calls. A 93% reduction in Help Desk calls!”

“ The Help Desk calls were so diminished this year compared to last year’s Cisco Clean Access deployment, we questioned if the SafeConnect system was turned on or not. It definitely works as advertised!”

“We’ve had a very positive experience with SafeConnect. This has already helped with troubleshooting and reducing the amount of time the help desk spends resolving an issue.”


“ Using SafeConnect at orientation was like a double blind study for us. Frankly, I was skeptical. None of the other NAC solutions we had evaluated even worked. But we knew within a few hours that SafeConnect was the answer. After the first day of orientation, the head of CET agreed saying ‘I want this product—what do we have to do to buy it?’ Technically speaking this was the best orientation we’ve had – largely due to SafeConnect! Other NAC companies couldn’t follow-through on their claims, but Impulse Point proved differently. It was truly phenomenal!”

“The SafeConnect system has made our back-to-school security challenges a non-event. We are seeing tremendous time savings for the IT Department, especially at the start of each semester.

“This year we saw a 98% reduction in [help desk] calls!”

“The number of trouble tickets with SafeConnect has been almost nil compared to the copious amounts of work required with Cisco Clean Access.”

“Just to let you know, I am very impressed with Impulse Point. This has been one of the few times a product has actually worked as advertised!”



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