Network Security Orchestration

Correlating the Who, What, When and Where

Organizations are faced with the daunting task of correlating mobile device information and user identity (over time and across their networks) for regulatory compliance; security forensics; and enabling identity-based firewall, web content and bandwidth management policies.

SafeConnect provides the ability to not only automate the enforcement of security and compliance policies, but also gathers a wealth of context-aware device information so you can make informed and intelligent decisions about your network.

Impulse’s Contextual Intelligence technology delivers real-time device information that correlates identity/role, device type, and location (along with other attributes such as ownership and compliance status) over time to power its SafeConnect solution.

Information gleaned “in context” regarding mobile devices on the network (both real time and historically) allow IT managers to make better decisions on network capacity, risk mitigation, and forensic analysis required for addressing compliance. Accessing real-time contextual information also reduces the number and length of help desk calls by improving the end user experience.

Network Security Orchestration

Using this Contextual Intelligence, SafeConnect’s Network Security Orchestration capabilities offer context-aware device visibility, security compliance, access control, and reporting through a single-pane-of-glass that provides enhanced cyber security defenses:

  • Automate policy enforcement based upon the risk level reported by intrusion detection system (IDS) and security information and event management (SIEM) providers
  • Enforce compliance with mobile device management (MDM) policies, including removing “jailbroken” devices from the network or blocking devices that have had MDM software removed
  • Publish this real-time Contextual Intelligence to next-generation firewalls, web content and bandwidth managers, and SIEM providers which enable them to make more granular policies and enhanced security assessment decisions in a timely manner

SafeConnect leverages your existing, or future, threat detection technology (e.g. IDS, IPS, ATD, SIEM, Vulnerability Scanner, etc.) to orchestrate the automated enforcement and remediation process of non-compliant devices.

  • Provide a better user experience resulting in Single-Sign-On and persistence across the network
  • Create more flexible risk mitigation policies
  • Ability to implement identity-based data and bandwidth policies
  • Enhanced network capacity planning
  • Enforce user-based security access policies
  • Reduce the number and length of help desk calls
  • Make more timely security decisions