Secure BYOD On-Boarding

Secure in 60 Seconds!

The average configuration process to access a secure network requires 15 steps and several minutes to complete. What if you had a solution that would securely on-board your user, with accurate configuration, in only 5 steps and in less than 60 seconds?

Click Here to watch a short video depicting our on-boarding process.


SafeConnect offers a simple web-based, self-service software solution for your staff, students, and employees. By correctly and automatically configuring devices for secure WPA2 Enterprise wireless with the proper cert installed, solving user frustration when password changes occur, and making wireless guest access a breeze —— both end users and the help desk see the benefits.

  • Increase speed to access
  • Reduce the number of steps
  • Increase accuracy of configuration information
  • No Java required
  • Enhance reporting capabilities
  • Better user experience and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce support calls