WPA2E On-Ramping

Making Wireless Security Simple


Watch this short video about the onboarding process.

Secure BYOD On-Boarding offers a simple web-based, self-service software solution for your staff and students. By correctly and automatically configuring devices for secure WPA/WPA2 wireless with the proper cert installed, solving user frustration when password changes occur, and making wireless guest access a breeze—both end users and the help desk see the benefits.

  • Increase speed to access
  • Reduce the number of steps
  • Increase accuracy of configuration information
  • No Java required
  • Enhance reporting capabilities
  • Better user experience and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce support calls

Request More Information on On-Boarding

To request a demonstration of SafeConnect’s On-Boarding, click here to complete a request form. A representative will contact you to arrange for the demonstration and discuss how we might be able to help you on-board your users to a secure network.

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The dramatic increase in mobile device usage has IT professionals struggling to strike a balance between accessibility and security. WPA2-Enterprise is an established standard that ensure a secure wireless access. However, the job of a configuring a user’s device to accept the required supplicant is time consuming. SafeConnect offers an automated solution that configures, authorizes, and verifies compliance of these devices without direct- IT involvement.

The On-Boarding module offers a simply, innovative, user-friendly approach to automate a device’s base 802.1x supplicant for secure (encrypted) WPA2 Enterprise wireless network access. A configuration wizard ensures that devices can be securely registered security without support staff involvement. The ability to provide a simple, one-step on-ramping process for securing a wide array of mobile computing devices, including Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Android, Windows, Mac and Ubuntu devices.

The Need for NAC in a WPA2 Enterprise/802.1x World

The benefit of WPA2 Enterprise and 802.1x is that it provides assurances that the devices connecting to the network are known and permitted on the network. SafeConnect builds on this registration validation, by matching the user’s identity to the device, checking the security posture of the device and managing the desired security boundaries through policy enforcement.

SafeConnect with the On-Boarding Module is powerful one-two punch that securely on-boards devices and then continuously maintains their security position. And yet delivers all of this in a completely automated way.

Let us prove to you just how easily SafeConnect’s Secure BYOD On-Boarding can work for you.

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