We’re Not Like Every Other BYOD Solution

How SafeConnect is Different

Simply put, safe access for devices and users that is both simple and easy to use is what makes SafeConnect different. We believe that a positive user experience is essential. It has to be easy and intuitive. SafeConnect is specifically designed with this type of user, and management, experience in mind.  From real-time monitoring, to flexible licensing and 24/7 maintenance, to new device finger-printing and custom policy creation, SafeConnect will prove time and again that it is the easiest BYOD solution available.

Please click here for a quick video overview of SafeConnect’s security functionality.

SafeConnect is an essential network security solution for protecting your critical data and intellectual property, combining the real-time visibility, security and orchestration required to address regulatory compliance and security policy automation. SafeConnect is delivered as a Cloud-Managed Service that relieves the organization of costly technical support related to on-going proactive monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades.

SafeConnect automates your security policies– from assessing compliance with security policies to determining if a specific application is running on a device while it is on the network. Other features include the following:

  • Real-time agentless device identification of endpoints and user authentication prevents unauthorized devices and users from accessing critical network resources
  • Dynamic identity-based network and application access assignment based on the role a user plays at your organization
  • Guest self-enrollment and automated verification, including multiple guest access profile options and approval policies
  • Self-guided remediation allows users to conform to security policies without help desk support


Contextual Intelligence

SafeConnect provides the ability to not only automate the enforcement of security and compliance policies, but also gathers a wealth of context-aware device information so you can make informed and intelligent decisions about your network.  Impulse’s Contextual Intelligence™ technology delivers real-time device information that correlates identity/role, device type, and location (along with other attributes such as ownership and compliance status) over time to power its SafeConnect solution. To learn more about Contextual Intelligence, please click here.

Policy Enforcement Flexibility

SafeConnect supports freedom by providing flexible enforcement options that can be determined by campus location or user identity (i.e. faculty or administrative staff, students, guests, employees, etc) based on the philosophy of the organization. We understand that every company has its own policies, procedures, and beliefs. We won’t dictate policy standards, but instead will help you in developing security policies that reflect your corporate culture.

Visibility and Control

SafeConnect delivers on our promise of an easy BYOD solution with little or no intervention through automated remediation services, “no hands” system updates, and true-real time system reporting – providing you with the real-time visibility and control you want.

Technology Replacement Program

If you have an existing NAC solution and wish you could replace it with an easier and less intrusive solution then we have the answer! We offer an on-going replacement program that allows you to recoup some of your original investment and apply that credit to the purchase of SafeConnect. Click here to learn the details of the exchange program.


The Impulse Experience = Freedom

We understand that it’s not only about the network. It’s about the user and their experience and how that experience reflects on the help desk, the security officer, the network team, systems administration, and business decisions. Ultimately, the “experience” is the result of the way Impulse does things. And it all goes back to our user-centric business philosophy. This full-service solution approach combines Impulse’s products with expert technical support and network insight. As a result, our clients gain an enduring and evolving solution that is able to address ever-changing security, intelligence, and visibility and control demands. Click here to learn more.

Reduction in Help Desk Calls

The SafeConnect solution is easy to deploy and manage, and helps drive a substantial reduction in help desk calls because it is intuitive and user friendly for both the end users and IT support management teams. Click here to learn more about how SafeConnect can reduce your help desk call volume.

Privacy Considerations

SafeConnect is not “content aware”.  In short, Impulse will never collect or store personal information from its customer’s constituents, and will never communicate directly with end-user Policy Key-enabled devices that exist outside of a SafeConnect Managed Network environment. To view our privacy policy questions/answers, please click here.

24/7 Proactive Maintenance and Support Services

SafeConnect comes with a service team that works to keep ahead of any problems. The health of the system is monitored from the Impulse Support Center and Impulse is responsible for delivering all necessary hardware and software maintenance, problem determination and resolution, and ongoing feature enhancement.  Please click here to learn more.