Network Security Orchestration


Identify. Secure. Orchestrate.

SafeConnect is an essential network security solution for protecting your critical data and intellectual property, combining the real-time visibility, security and orchestration required to address regulatory compliance and security policy automation for user and Internet of Things (IoT) Devices.

SafeConnect’s Network Security Orchestration capabilities offer context-aware device visibility, security compliance, access control, and reporting through a single-pane-of-glass that provides enhanced cyber security defenses:

  • Automate policy enforcement based upon the risk level reported by intrusion detection system (IDS) and security information and event management (SIEM) providers
  • Enforce compliance with mobile device management (MDM) policies, including removing “jailbroken” devices from the network or blocking devices that have had MDM software removed
  • Publish real-time Contextual Intelligence information to next-generation firewalls, web content and bandwidth managers, and SIEM providers which enable them to make more granular policies and enhanced security assessment decisions in a timely manner

SafeConnect leverages your existing, or future, threat detection technology (e.g. IDS, IPS, ATD, SIEM, Vulnerability Scanner, etc.) to orchestrate the automated enforcement and remediation process of non-compliant devices.