Credit Unions

Cloud-Managed Security Automation

It’s no surprise that cybersecurity remains a top priority. As the NCUA outlined in a letter to credit unions (17-CU-01), cybersecurity is listed as the supervisory priority – “NCUA will continue to carefully evaluate credit unions’ cybersecurity risk management practices”.  Their recommendation is to use the FFIEC Self-Assessment tool to understand your company’s cybersecurity maturity level.

How can Impulse and the SafeConnect solution help?

SafeConnect provides Network Access Control to advance your cybersecurity maturity level in multiple ways:

  • Identify:  Contextual intelligence capability can identify any type of device connected to your network with key attributes such as user id, device type, location, time and ownership. We can ensure you lock down the wired network to prevent unauthorized access by rogue devices. You will have real time and historical visibility for both forensics and audit purposes.
  • Secure: Real time security posture assessment with the ability to audit, warn or quarantine with self-remediation. You can ensure that everyone connected to your network meets your acceptable use policies.
  • Orchestrate: Bi-directional capability to publish contextual intelligence information as well as pull details (such as threat levels to enforce automated policy) from your key security solutions such as firewalls, threat detection systems and SIEMS.

SafeConnect provides a complementary security solution while adding value to the security investment you’ve already made.  As we’ve focused exclusively in this space, we’ve become experts at providing this functionality with a ‘budget friendly’ solution in a non-disruptive manner for the IT Team.

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