The Way Your Employees and Customers Connect to Your Network Has Changed. Have You?

Today’s networks are dynamic, changing with each device accessing it. As endpoints enter and leave your network, the threat landscape changes – and IT departments face the challenge of keeping pace.

It is widely recognized that the majority of incidents are deemed avoidable (97%), although many may be extremely difficult in practice. What’s interesting to note is that while many of solutions in place today are focused on external attacks, 70% of all incidents are actually internally sourced. So the question is: What are you doing to mitigate your internal risks and automate your response to them?

SafeConnect provides you with visibility and automated enforcement of security policies for all personal, Internet of Things (IoT) and managed devices on your network, keeping your resources secure and your business out of the headlines.


Credit Unions, Financial Services, and Banking

Compliance requirements such as the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and other industry-specific obligations ushered in a regulatory era that demands stringent IT security compliance. Factor in the mobility demands of customers, employees, and guests; along with the increased rate of cyber-theft – and the mix turns into a risk-management nightmare.

SafeConnect is an essential security solution for protecting your network, combining the real-time visibility of controlling the users and devices accessing your network resources with the flexibility to assign different policies by role. This is not a “one size fits all” solution, but one tailored for your different user communities.



Mobility is paramount for the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals at your facility. From retrieving patient records, to ordering lab tests or medications, on-demand access is needed from a growing number of device types. Add in the patients, guests and visitors who want access, along with the challenge of integrated HIPAA regulations and the requirement for network access control becomes more urgent than ever to ensure the safety of your patient data as well as HIPAA compliance. Scalable, flexible and adaptable to the needs of the large multi-vendor healthcare provider enterprise, SafeConnect allows you to balance best practices in network security while supporting a highly mobile and extended user community.


State and Local Government

Just like their private sector counterparts, government organizations are faced with the ever increasing onslaught of unknown computing devices accessing critical network infrastructure. When it comes to network security, every employee, contractor, customer, or supplier is a potential vulnerability point.

SafeConnect allows IT managers to enforce network access privileges and security compliance policies without impeding access by their employees, contractors and customers. Agencies can also correlate device information and user identity for things like regulatory compliance and security forensics.


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