Nation’s Best Pricing

SafeConnect’s BYOD products automate device registration and security compliance and network access control policies at a fraction of the cost of existing NAC alternatives. Policies for BYOD, guest, managed, and non-browser devices can be based on identity, device type, location, and ownership.

In addition to the discounted pricing available through the contracts below, SafeConnect further reduces the total cost of ownership with its industry-exclusive managed support services. For more information on what is included in the 24/7 proactive service, visit our managed support page.

Impulse has a consistent contract model for all programs and services globally. Impulse’s contracts provide our customers with streamlined technology purchasing vehicles at aggressive discounts without the need for lengthy procurement process.

Submitting a Proposal

Impulse has extensive experience in implementing, deploying, and supporting network security control for large organizations in all industries, including education (K-12 and higher education), corporate, healthcare, and state/local government. We look forward to responding to your RFP!

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Contract Vehicles


MHEC: Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium


NCPA: National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance


New York State Office of General Services Information Technology Umbrella Contract (Lot 1 Software)


OETC: Organization for Education Technology and Curriculum Network and Mobile Device Management Solutions Contract


PEPPM: PEPPM Technology Bidding and Purchasing Program Pennsylvania and California


UCONN Contract UC-11-B001651-G Operating Systems, Network, and Security Hardware